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Medicare Leads, Turning 65 Leads, Medicare Advantage Leads

We have been providing Medicare lead services since our first day of opening up our operation here in Texas. We seek out to seniors who are either looking to increase their Medicare coverage or they want a Medicare Advantage plan option.

  • Stop wasting thousands of dollars and your time on mailing campaigns!
  • No long term or short term contracts!
  • All leads are exclusive with no competition!
Medicare Marketing

Medicare Agent Marketing

We deliver what others promise.
We have the experience to deliver quality exclusive Medicare leads for agents nationwide who are selling Dual Eligible, Medicare Special Needs, Turning 65 or Medicare Supplement plans all year round.

The Medicare Dual Eligible market has become profitable for many insurance agents in the business. Dual Eligible Medicare leads are seniors who are over the age of 65 and have full Medicaid and Medicare. These prospects do not have enough income to keep up with their medical expenses. They are essentially rewarding for insurance agents who would like to move in the market of Medicare Dual Eligible prospects.

We focus on these prospects to provide our agents exclusive qualified leads. We guarantee they are eligible and interested in meeting with an insurance agent specializing in Medicare plans.

We also focus on a very lucrative market of Medicare Supplement and Turning 65. These leads are gold! InSOL® has been generating these exclusive leads for over 10 years. The baby-boomers are now reaching towards Medicare eligibility. Our appointments and phone leads are specifically filtered to your needs and delivered to you within 24 hours.

We provide quality preset appointments and phone leads for agents targeting the Medicare market nationwide (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). We take away the stress of finding prospects to sell them your Medicare plans and give you the ability to increase your sales. Our skilled team qualifies each prospect by making sure they have Part A and B, no group or retirement benefits as well as no military insurance such as Tri-Care for Life. You can control your own geographic preference and income target. Grow your business throughout Annual Enrollment! We are here to help.
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