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200,000,000 consumer leads and 20,000,000 business records are available for you marketing use All data leads updated every 90 days and DNC compliant. 98% precision is guarantee.

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All our most successful clients using Mail and Follow Up Call marketing strategy.

Our telemarketing consumer leads are aimed for all business marketing professionals with all kinds of filtering, prepared and accessible to produce possibilities for Real Estate Agents, Home Health Care, Mortgage Brokers and Health/Life Insurance.

We pay for your SAN number (Subscription Account Number), which you do not have to pay for every time you purchase leads.

Standard consumer leads filters include but are not limited to: first and last names, addresses, telephone numbers, age (or D.O.B range) and estimated household income.

We also can deliver customized specialty lists for mortgage brokers, real estate agents and other marketing professionals at your custom filtering request.

Just choose your demographic details like age, gender, income, home market value, city, state or county and our professional team will provide you with quality consumer telemarketing leads that will help you target your best customers, to increase your profits in your business to new markets.

With our Telemarketing consumer sales leads you gain more time that you can efficiently use for selling rather than for searching.

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Our Consumers Comments

Thanks guys, I have been very satisfied with your consumer leads for last 7 years, keep it up.
George R. (GR Marketing IL)

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