Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will be able to answer frequently asked questions regarding our services.

  • There is no long term contract or set up fees.
  • All of our leads are fresh and in real time.
  • All of our lead services are exclusive and never resold to another client.
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When having a presentation on the phone what needs to be verified or what question is likely to be asked?
Each of our lead services is qualified different. The criteria vary from a potential Medicare applicant to a Reverse Mortgage applicant. By our knowledge of all industries in which we work in; each potential prospect will be qualified according to that particular market.

What is the distance from one appointment to another?
If you happen to choose several counties you would like for us to market for your campaign we will accommodate you by keeping you in one county per day as well as call within zip order. We will try to keep all of your appointments close together as possible.

Is there any need of signing a contract when placing an order?
There is no long or short term contract. We will provide each new client with a terms and conditions agreement which only outlines the lead campaign between you and the company. You will not be obligated to make several purchases.

When making appointments which is the least number that can be ordered?
Our minimum purchase is 20 appointments or phone leads.

When running appointments is it possible for one to select the preferred times and days?
Yes, we will schedule appointments according to your desired days and times.

What is the advance duration time for scheduling the appointments?
The appointments are presented in advance within a period of not more than 48 hours. Tuesday through Saturday the appointments are always set within 24 hours of your appointment time.

What are your preferred payment options?
We accept all forms of payments.
Is there any refund given?
There is no refund.

What is your replacement policy?
We will replace any appointment in which was not verified correctly or if the prospect did not agree to meet with you. We require 24 hour notification of a deficient lead. We exercise quality by recording all calls to be accountable of what took place when scheduling the appointment or phone lead.

Through which means will I get my appointments and when will I get them?
You will receive your emails daily for the appointments before ten thirty at night central standard time. You will be responsible to make sure that there is no mistake in your email address when you initially place an order.

Does an individual have to be screened for any health issues? (For Medicare and Life Insurance).
We offer optional health screening on our Final Expense and Medicare Supplement/Special Need appointments.

Are people being screened for retirement or government plans? (For Medicare Insurance)
Yes for all of our Medicare leads our appointment setter will screen out any Group or Retirement Benefits.

How should I present myself on the door when meeting a client?
Majority of the agents who are successful wear attire which is casual for your professional business. It is always advisable to carry in your hand a Medicare book. This will enable the seniors to know your reason for being there.

When you reach the door what is one supposed to?
Start by greetings then proceed by introducing yourself by name and remind them about the appointment which you were supposed to have at that particular time.

Is it okay to call the appointments in advance to confirm their availability?
It is not advisable since there is a risk of reducing the presentation ratio by 50%. There is an appointment setting which is done by a professional staff so there is no specific reason that might lead you to make a call and confirm the appointments. When you call them they might end up changing their minds. To be precise there is hardly any particular reason to pick up your phone and make a call just to confirm. Whenever you feel like calling the appointments, there is a sales "rule of thumb"...don't!

What if it is not possible for one to get all the appointments for a particular week?
In this market you cannot guarantee a specific amount of appointments being delivered to our customers. However, it is rare for any of our customers to be consistently shorted appointment scheduled. If you are shorted we will make up the appointments within the following week.
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