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Sep 17

Indeterminate premium whole life insurance

Life Insurance Leads

A good example of a whole life insurance policy that is easy to understand is the indeterminate premium type of insurance. Judging from its name, a person is likely to think that it is a very complicated and complex form of insurance and therefore is not easy to understand. This is not the case. In …

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Sep 03

Life Insurance Leads by Numerous Companies

telemarketing leads

There is been more than a decade since life insurance leads are offered by numerous companies. Nowadays internet is full of search engines, which can provide with leads. Internet Leads, Exclusive Leads, and Shared leads are often offered by every marketing personals but one cannot deny the importance of set appointments. Telemarketing Companies have always …

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Sep 01

Life insurance Has Been Sold

Life Insurance Leads

Life insurance has been sold for many years for the purpose of receiving the money once the policyholder dies. Although critics disagree with the morality of watching and waiting for someone to die so that the money from their insurance can be received, this method has been long used and part of the world now. …

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Aug 22

Who Are Insurance Underwriters?

Senior Sales Com - Insurance Underwriters

Not all people who apply for insurance qualify for it. Those who are responsible for determining whether or not these applicants qualify for insurance are the insurance underwriters. They use computer based programs to help them in their decisions by evaluating each application. Those that are approved need to have their coverage and amount of …

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Aug 18

Life Insurers Are Courting Reserve

Life Insurers - Senor Leads

In a conference packed with representatives from the insurance industry in the suburbs of Washington, analysts agreed that they were not entirely comfortable about those transactions and believed that customers wouldn’t be comfortable about those transactions either. They also admitted that they wouldn’t be able to get into the details of these transactions, because these …

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