May 07

Senior Sales Communications Company

Senior Sales® is a company that has many products and services to offer.

Life Insurance CommunicationsThey have been in existence for over 10 years and focus on giving families peace of mind throughout the nation. They have insurance policies for Medicare supplemental and final expenses. They also offer retirement annuities to help the families with any financial essentials. Senior Sales Communications offers both assurances that things will be taken care of along with the necessities that can care for families. This is especially needed when someone has passed away or need long-term care and it is a difficult and hurtful time for everyone involved.
Based on Senior Sales® Communication Magazine every employee at this company is well trained to help every potential client that calls in asking for help along with current clients calling with questions about their policy. Every policy is customized to suit each individual. The employees can help people determine what is needed and what people can afford. They try to give people the best possible plan which can be afforded. Sentinel Security offers big and small policies and no one is required to take all the services offered. Anyone can take out one small service or they could take out them all. It all depends on the needs and wants of the potential client and this company is happy to oblige.

The life insurance offered can be gotten quickly for the convenience of customers.

These are also called final expense plans that help with end of life costs. Three different plans are offered. The first is a whole-life policy. People in good health generally get this and it has full coverage once the policy is taken out. The second plan is also whole-life but it is for people with slight health concerns. It is a graded plan so it will not pay out the full amount until at least the third year from when the policy is taken out. The last plan is whole-life as well but for people who have major health issues. It works like the second plan where it only pays out full benefit after so many years. The first couple years will pay out fewer benefits though. For all these plans, benefits never lower while premiums never rise as long as payments are made on time.

The Medicare supplement insurance is insurance that helps pay for medical bills that are not covered under Medicare.

It does not replace Medicare, but it helps pay for what Medicare does not. There are several different plans in this area to choose from depending on what the specific needs are and what state you reside.

The retirement annuity has many options to choose from.

You can decide on the interval it can be. There are many features offered that are called riders. You get to choose which ones to have and which ones you do not need. This saves money as you do not have to pay for choices you do not need. The optional riders available are required minimum distribution, preferred ten percent free withdrawal, terminal illness or nursing home care, 72(t) free withdrawal, death benefits, and accumulated interest withdrawal. You may choose to have none, some, or all of these options.

Senior Sales Communications has many years of experience dealing with senior insurance.

This helps everyone at the company help other people even more. They know what works best for people in different situations. They can explain all the insurance possibilities that are available. They can guide people into choosing which plan and selections are the best suited for each individual in any type of situation. The company is located in various states and there are thousands of representatives available to help with anyone’s needs at any time.