Aug 02

Direct Marketing Techniques

The main objective of Direct Marketing is to influence a call to action from the consumer base.

Senior Leads MarketingAs an example, an advertisement or a commercial research may require the prospect or existing consumers to call a toll free number. It could also want the prospect to click on links within a website that could redirect the consumer to the main product company’s website.

The process of Direct Marketing places emphasis on being able to track and measure the responses from prospects and customers. This tracking and measuring should be doable regardless of the mode or medium chosen for communication of the message.

The concept of direct marketing is employed by many organizations regardless of the size of the business. Smallest start-ups as well as top ranker in the Fortune 500 list, employ the concept of marketing to broadcast messages to prospects and customers. If a Direct Marketing or a Direct Advertisement campaign is executed well then this can prove to be extremely beneficial for the business. If the campaign is executed successfully, it can also measure the number of prospects who responded to the marketing message. This can help measure the data.

Marketing research requires one to conduct research in order to support any activities related to marketing.
It also requires statistical analysis of data and conversion of statistics into information that can help drive decisions. This information can then be used by marketing managers to decide and plan activities related to marketing. It can also help managers assess an organization’s marketing environment. Information from statistical analysis of data can also help obtain information from suppliers. Researchers who provide their analysis to marketing managers employ statistical methods like co-relations, linear regressions, frequency distributions etc. to analyze their findings. This is the process through which the data can be converted into information. The process of marketing research has a number of phases. The process starts with problem definition, putting together a plan for research, gathering and comprehending data, propagating this information officially in a report. The objective of marketing research is to be able to furnish relevant, correct, dependable, legitimate, and current data and information to the management.

  • With the globalization rapidly expanding, the differentiation between marketing within an organization’s own country and marketing in external countries is diminishing very rapidly. Keeping this fact in mind, organizations need to rework on their marketing strategies to be able to appropriately resolve the challenges within global markets. They also need to be able to sustain their position in home markets and perform better than their competitors.
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