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Life Insurance Advertising and Appointments

Life Insurance Advertising is a Means of Communication.

Senior Leads AdsIt is primarily used for reasons of marketing. It is a means by which an audience could be encouraged or persuaded to continue an action or to take a new action. The term audience could be used to categorize viewers, readers, bloggers, listeners or it could even be specific targeted groups based on interest. Most times, the common objective is to influence the behavior of consumers with regards to commercials products or services, which are also called offerings.

Often advertising is also employed as a means to broadcast political or ideological messages. Companies could use it to reassure their salaried employees that the company is performing well. Often this method of communication could also be used to reassure stakeholders of an organization.

Sponsors usually pay for advertisements to be aired, broadcasted or printed.

The life insurance advertisements can be viewed through multiple traditional modes and mediums. It could include a means of mass communication like newspapers, daily magazines, commercials on television, advertisements aired on radios, any outdoor advertisements or direct mail sent out to mailing lists. Advertisements could also be communicated through news forms of technology and media like blogs, social networks, websites or text messaging.

Branding is a part of advertising through which commercial organizations that advertise their product or service, look to increase sales of their products and services. Branding refers to the method by which an image or a logo is associated with a product or a service. This association also leads to customers remembering certain qualities of the product or the service because of the association with an image. In additional to advertisers who look to commercially sell their product or service, there are other advertisers too who do look at commercial advantages. These could be political parties, special interest associations, religious societies, government agencies and such. On the other hand, organizations that work for nonprofit usually end up relying on free modes of communication and persuasion. An example of a free mode of communication would be a Public Service Announcement.

  • The Hierarchy of Effects model is a model which details the goals of an advertising campaign for all the advertisements under the campaign.
  • According to the model, a customer or an individual making a purchase goes through six phases. These are Awareness about the product or service, Knowledge of the product or service, Liking the product or service, Preferring the product or service over other similar products available in the market, convincing him/her about the purchase and finally the purchase of the product or service.
  • Another theory in advertising is called the Means to the End theory. In this model, the objective of the advertising message should be such that it makes the costumer reach a state where he/she would be driven to make a purchase.
  • The third theory in advertising is called the Leverage Points theory. In this model, personal values of a customer are linked to benefits that can be obtained from the product or service being sold. This approach is expected to connect to the customer at a personal level.

Advertising also relies heavily on the use of verbal messages and visual images. The political economizing in the field of advertising states that there are only some powerful groups or monopolies of knowledge in the industry. These groups have been considered as powerful enough to influence the uneasy processes, behaviors, as well as purchase related actions of the public audience. The mode of communication for these groups is mass communication such as audio and visual media. As a type of mass communication to the audience, audio and visual advertisements on media use persistent verbal messages and visual images to influence thoughts and alter the community. With the passage of time, these consistently used messages and visual symbols become representatives of either positive attributes or negative attributes.

These messages and images then hold the power to influence audience’s and people’s thoughts related to other people, culture, ethnic principles and roles of the society. Thus, through the use of media and by portraying messages through the media, the media itself has the power to form beliefs in people and change their values. Often, messages that are sent out by political parties are in line with the current interests of the economy.
Life Insurance Advertising is driven by a marketing mix concept called the four Ps.

The first P refers to Product which is the actual product or service being sold. The next is Price. Place represents the mode of communication like channels of distribution, market coverage etc. Finally, the last piece is Promotion.

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