May 07

Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail

Magazine Senior Sales CommunicationsWe acknowledge the fact that individuals in need of mortgage are often need the money for genuine reasons like medical bills, or home improvement projects or to save it aside for a rainy day.

Our reverse mortgage direct mail and telemarketing programs and loan modification leads are built to take the actual market cost of the property into consideration as well as the time it has taken the individual to pay off the loan.
Having over 10 years of experience in the industry and with business spread over 48 states in the USA, we work towards providing unparalleled services to our clients at extremely affordable rates. Our Medicare and reverse mortgage lead generation service offerings, even though available at the lowest prices in the market, still assure you of the best quality leads.

Our expert direct mail specialists and appointment handlers are backed by years of experience and thus us are able to generate reverse mortgage and loan modification leads on a daily basis. Our team members are handpicked for their customer service skills, communication skills and market knowledge.

Our strong history in this field enables us to provide highly promising leads with the help of a strong reliable database of leads which we have put together after years of research, data gathering and analysis. This is a dependable database of leads that we maintain and regularly update. This gives us an edge over other companies doing business in this industry. The overall package of the database and handlers gives our agents the ability to pursue highly promising leads thus ensuring their success and ours!

Successfully expanding our business over the years with highly competitive rates and 100% assured exclusivity that we offer, no other company in the industry comes close!

It has been a general observation by Senior Sales Communication Magazine and our direct mail marketing team, that individuals interested in reverse mortgages or mortgage refinances find telemarketers and physical organizations more reliable than organizations that promote their services only via the Internet. Most people find it comfortable and reassurances to have their questions answered immediately when they deal with telemarketers over the phone as opposed to waiting for email responses over the Internet. The wait period, which could sometimes be as high as 24 hours, often creates anxiety in the minds of interested prospects thus reducing the chances of the prospect making a deal with such an organization. Contrary to this approach, organizations employing telemarketing professionals stand a much better chances of landing promising leads as there is a much larger market for the telemarketing side of the business.

Direct mail or telemarketing businesses can fetch in even more financial merit by allowing other agents access to their mortgage prospect lists. For example; insurance organizations can use these lists to better understand the requirements of their clients and thus serve them with better propositioned products.

Telemarketing lists can also be of value of government agencies and private research sectors. Often these organizations working on market studies, surveys, data consolidation and analysis approach telemarketing businesses for their lists and learn about potential market trends and issues through these lists.

However, despite the secondary merits of direct mail telemarketing lists, the primary benefit continue to be the promising leads that they continue to offer!