May 07

Real Estate and Medicare Leads

Great Magazine - Senior SalesReal Estate leads and Medicare sales Leads may be something that you find yourself depending on more and more. The question that many people are likely to be asking is why after this. then again maybe not after all. Being able to pull out that list of names and phone numbers and information is something that makes selling insurance much better all around. The reasons run the gamut from the thought that this is simply the easier way to go to the appreciation of what the research team at

Senior Sales® makes things so much easier just by the fact that they have a team that makes all these calls ahead of time. They are the ones that ask all the questions here. They are able to find out exactly what is going on with the people that are on their information lists. They also have the D.N.C/Do Not Call list so that they know who it is safe to call on. They make all of the inquiries ahead of time; they are also able to determine whether or not to add that person’s name to the lists. This is something that saves an insurance agent a great deal of work.
Having all of this on your side is an advantage that you really do not want to overlook. Having a list of Real estate leads and Medicare sales leads at your fingertips is something that does make your day of calling and setting appointments a bit less frustrating. Something to keep in mind is that you are not always going to be able to make the sale or close the deal each and every time. There are simply going to be people that are qualified and financially able to go ahead and buy that choose not to.

Do you ever totally “get over” that disappointment of being turned down? Well, yes and no. All you really can do is learn from your experiences when the prospect decides not to proceed and move on. This is the “yes” part of that answer. The “no” part of it is that you never really totally get used to being turned down. If, at any time you ever do totally get used to the rejections you might want to take a step back and look at yourself. It does make a big difference when you do have that list at hand though.

You know that you do not need to be concerned about making these calls because those on your list are actually waiting for you to call them. There is no possibly way that Senior Sales® can tell the prospect specifically who will call them. This is not known until after the information is gathered together and assigned. There are so blessed many insurance agents that have really come to rely on these lists of leads. Think about it for a bit and decide for yourself. The frustration/aggravation factor really does get cut down when you have Medicare Leads that are as fresh as can be at your fingertips.