May 07

Medicare and Life Leads

Senio Sales LeadsAccording to Senior Sales Communications leads and life insurance leads (telemarketing leads) is not something that you think about right away when you get into insurance, is it? Well, take it from us, this is something that you might seriously want to think about and investigate pretty thoroughly folks. There are so many insurance agents and mortgage brokers that totally swear by the lists that they are buying from Senior Sales® It are true that there are other providers of this same information out there.

This begs the question then of why in the world would you choose to go with Senior Marketing in the first place. One of the most obvious reasons has already been spoken about many times, although it bears repeating here as well. It is the fact that Company does the work of making sure that prospects are in the financial position to be able to buy. Something else that makes the grade among insurance agents is that Senior Sales® really does make sure that they are giving out only the most up-to-date sales leads they possibly can. Believe it or not, this really does put them head and shoulders above their competition!

Based on Senior Sales Communications when you have information like this that is vital to your trade that is as up-to-date as it can possibly be, you are also ahead of the game. There is very little point in using lists that are out-of-date and/or that have been recycled from let’s say a month ago. The good thing is that Senior Sales® has its own workforce that does the cold calling and qualification calls ahead of time. This makes things so much easier for the agents that get these lists. What makes it even easier is that as an agent you specifically set up the parameters of your specific lists that you are working with.

You let Company know where you live and work – the specific state and county/ counties you are working in – and your specific calling pattern. This gives them the necessary information to provide you with the best possible Medicare leads and life insurance leads that they can. This also makes it so much easier for Company to completely customize the leads lists that you are getting. In this way you are able to be more productive as well. While having the best lists in the world does not mean that you will always succeed and make the sale; it does give you an edge.

Sometimes it is all about having the advantage is it not? At other times it is all about making sure that you are fully able to serve the needs of your customers the best you can. If you do not do your very best to understand the prospect’s needs, thoughts and concerns they will choose another insurance agent that does. This is not something that you really want as that takes away from your paycheck. Not knowing/caring what your prospective customers want and need also looks very bad for you. This is why having and using telemarketing leads in the form of preset appointments is wise.