May 07

Marketing Strategies

Senior Sales Communications Direct LeadsTo an Internet marketer who always does things by the book, the strategies described below may sound ridiculous because they are certainly not like any of the ordinary techniques used in the marketing field. However, these strategies have been used successfully by thousands of Internet marketers who have earned a lot more money than those who have stuck by traditional methods.
According to the lates Senior Sales Communications, the tried and tested strategies that are being taught in marketing schools will still work for sure. But if you want to really make some big bucks from your marketing business, you will have to step out of the box and take more risks because given the right circumstances, these risks can definitely pay off big time.

Of course, we are not saying that you should disregard all the traditional marketing methods that you have used. Still, it’s about time you start questioning some of these strategies and putting a new twist on them to make them suitable for the changing times and the changing perception of your target market. Following are some of the most effective things that you can do to increase your marketability and attract more clients towards your business.

1. Forget about the elevator speech.

If you had undergone formal training on marketing training, then you probably still remember how it was supposedly very important to have an elevator speech. Essentially, this is a very brief spiel explaining what you are selling, which is supposed to grab a potential client’s attention very quickly. But what most people don’t realize about the elevator speech is that it is more about the seller and not so much about the client. What your potential clients want to know is how they can benefit from what you are selling, and not how great you are as a seller. So instead of giving them a 1-minute pitch and then waiting for a positive reaction, just have a casual conversation with them where you make an offer, they ask about it, you give the answer, and so on. In other words, focus on your client instead of on a practiced speech.

2. Forget about formal proposals.
For years, salespeople have always been expected to submit a formal written proposal whenever they are offering a product or service to a company. But these proposals reek to much of formality and focus too much on the seller instead of what the product or service can do for the prospective buyer. Instead of submitting a proposal, talk to your prospective buyer about the benefits that they can gain by doing business with you and how you can help them become more successful.

3. Forget about the product or service that you are trying to sell.
At first, this may seem to be the most ridiculous strategy of all because how can you expect to make a sale when you forget about what you are selling in the first place? The thing is that if you know that your product or your service is already excellent as it is, there is no need to talk too much about it when you are face to face with customers. Instead, focus on what the customer needs and answer their questions. A good product will sell itself without you having to shove it up your customers’ face.

4. Forget about sales calls.
There used to be a time when sales calls were considered to be effective marketing strategies but these days, it is just considered by many to be annoying, intrusive and even intolerable. People are very busy and if you call them about something that they just are not interested in, it would just be a waste of their time and bordering on downright disrespectful.

5. Forget about the old sales paradigm.
We had always been made to believe that in every sales transaction, both the buyer and the seller enjoy equal gains. But more often than not, the seller actually has more of an advantage because there is no risk of loss. They get paid for the sale and that’s that, whereas for the customer, they may end up with something that does not meet their expectations and there’s nothing that they can do about it. What you have to do now is to take away such risk from the customer by giving them a money-back guarantee, for instance, or by offering a free trial period. If you are confident of the quality of your product or service, this should be of no problem at all.

Initially, you may be very skeptical of these marketing strategies but if you are brave enough to try them, you will see that they can really work very well and give you many more opportunities that you wouldn’t have if you just stayed with the same old routines that you have been using for years.