Jul 22

Home Care and Reverse Mortgage Leads

Home Care Leads

Medicare and Non-Medical Home Care Leads Generation.
Senior Sales®, home health care prospects are both to be accurate and current, ensuring that every person your employees contact has been expecting your call or visit. It’s a nice change from the trial and error sales call methods of the past.

You know your clients are out there, and chances are you have already spent a lot of money trying to find them. Non-medical home care leads from Senior Sales gives you a chance to make contact with people that have been looking for YOU, and having a willing audience for your product and services is sure to boost not only your confidence but your sales.

Reverse Mortgage Leads

Senior Sales ® work in collaboration with some of the most important names in marketing companies that deal in lead generation.

Along with their assistance, the company ensures the production of Reverse Mortgage Leads and other senior marketing related Leads in 50 states and offer quality leads that are at par with any other if not better and are quite affordable as well.

Our company always strives to generate custom and exclusive Reverse Mortgage Telemarketing Leads. It owns a exclusive data of 100 percent verifiable phone list which is D.N.C. exclusive. This list is organized and updated once every three months to ensure its accuracy. It is a highly inclusive list that not only contains information about homeowners around the country containing their first names, middle initials and surnames but also their complete address including county, zip code and age. Other important and relative information includes: the home equity, value of the house, period of residence and household income.

It is necessary to point out here that these leads are generated for specific kind of clients in which consist of data that has 100 percent accurate.