May 07

Direct Mail Marketing

Senior Sales Communications and VJ MarketingWelcome to VJ Direct Mail Solutions and Senior Sales Communcations, you have come to The One Stop Shop where we provide all direct mailing services for you. We print, we market and we mail.

We are able to deliver marketing solutions to you without any hassles. We will print and deliver your very own marketing content to the consumers or businesses of your choice.

We can provide our own mailing list or we can use yours. We have over 9,000,000 consumer and business records available, which are updated every 90 days and are exclusive.

Option 1
We will print you up to 4 color messages on a fine glossy 4×6 post card and we will place it in an envelope with a self stamped postage (optional). Your potential clients will return their card back to your desired address. Your result of return will be a returned future prospect. The turnaround time usually takes 2 to3 weeks. 7-10 Days on printing and mailing and about another 10 days on receiving post card back.

Option 2
We will print your 4 color message on a glossy 5×7 post card and mail it to your desired recipients. If you do not have a mailing list, we can provide you one at a low cost.

ART Work
If you do not have a current mailing template, we can customize a sample mailing piece with your approval at a great competitive rate.