May 07

Auto Insurance Advertising

Here you will read latest Senior Sales Communications posts about auto insurance advertising strategies.

Senior Sales Communication LeadsWhen Insurance’s perky sales character Flo started advertising and emphasizing discounts being handed out, the tactics bothered Allstate Insurance. Allstate was the second largest auto insurance company; after State Farm. Allstate felt the need of their own over-the-top advertising character who could deliver the message to people that there was more to insurance than just its cost. They understood the limitation that talking about insurance wasn’t interesting and hence there was a requirement to entertain and interest people.

Allstate then came out with Mayhem. Mayhem, portrayed by Dean Winters, is a character that embodies everything that could go wrong with your vehicle. In one TV commercial, he plays a satellite dish that falls off a roof and on a sedan, crushing the car. In another, he plays a defective GPS device that sends a car crashing into another. Allstate got what it wanted. People sat up and took notice, they saw, they listened. The concept of Mayhem became so popular it trickled into other arenas too. People on Halloween noticed the Mayhem character go trick-or-treating.

Auto Insurance advertising is no longer sticking to traditional methods.

The top players in the advertising industry are ready to spend top dollar on jazzy campaigns, partnerships with celebrities, endorsements and online advertising campaigns with Facebook and Twitter. Insurance companies are improving visibility by funding and sponsoring more events than before. Like Farmers insurance which has spent $700 million dollars to display its name in an NFL stadium in LA for the next 3 years. The irony is that the city does not even have an NFL team yet.

Progressive’s chief marketing officer claims that since the inception of the character Flo, Progressive’s Facebook page has received 2.5 million fans. The insurance industry seems to be attracting the best talent from across industries. It is also considered a cool coveted industry to be a part of. Every creative individual wants to be a part of an industry that works with brand personality campaigning.

However studies question the sustainability of spending by advertisers. Because everyone is following the same trends, insurance companies will not be able to provide differentiators. However, most insurance companies do not plan on reducing their spending in the near future. They believe in order to stand out and be unique, one must spend more. They believe that their goal is to capture minds and hearts of potential consumers.

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