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For over 10 years of lead generation experience, InSOL® has been in the insurance and mortgage market catering to insurance agents, mortgage brokers and home health care companies.

  • No more cold calling!
  • No more Spending thousands of dollars on mailing!
  • No more paying telemarketers per hour!
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We deliver what others promise.
Our marketing approach can play a huge role in increasing your sales. By using our life insurance leads and other types of leads will keep you and your team of sales agents doing exactly what you should be doing...selling!

We have the experience and the expertise with years of service. Our cost effective method of life insurance leads, Medicare supplement leads, reverse mortgage leads generation will place you in front of your desired prospect. We will qualify them and set an appointment based off your desired schedule.

Company specializes in lead generation for Medicare supplement, Reverse Mortgage, Home Health Care and Final Expense Leads. No more cold-calling and spending hours and hours on the phone finding prospects. Our highly skilled appointment setters can schedule appointments for you to meet with the prospects within the time frame you would want to schedule your meetings. You don't have to call them just show up for the appointment.

Many other telemarketing companies will not offer our level of service without hiking up the expense to the client. With all the great benefits of our services, we still manage to maintain a very competitive pricing compared to other telemarketing companies. We do all the leg work and charge a fraction of the cost for a qualified appointment.

Telemarketing is an important function for all your marketing needs and it plays a huge role in expanding the business and ensuring good publicity and targeting your potential client. For over 10 years InSOL® has been consistently providing top senior marketers with excellent life insurance leads for agents, Medicare supplement leads, HECM telemarketing leads and real estate leads in the form of solid appointments and phone leads. Our motto is in creating an atmosphere with the customer using the combined experience to maintain an excellent relationship with the customer.
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